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State of California - Map Server

About This Website

Welcome to the California Map Server, which is a website dedicated to publishing "map services" for a variety of California State agencies at all levels of government. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive about this website.

  • Map Services Directory Listings:
    Map Services Listed by Category (REST, SOAP, KML)

  • What are "map services?" services?"

    A "map service" is a type of web service that generates maps on demand. Take "Google Maps" as an example. A person types in a search question and the results appear on a map.  The map and the plots that appear on the map are the result of output generated by one or more "map services."

    Map services don't always produce map images. They may also generate data and information that can be turned into maps by other software.  Sometimes map services produce images and data at the same time.

    For example using Google Maps, the search phrase "Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA," will trigger Google's map services to return both images and data that are combined in the web browser to make a map showing the location of the Golden Gate Bridge.

    For more information about all the things our map service can do, please see this link.

  • How do I view these map services?

    Generally speaking, the map services provided by this website are meant to be viewed in other websites or software such as those listed at right.

    You can "preview" many of these services by perusing our map services link. Once you find a service of interest, click on the "ArcGIS JavaScript" link.

    This will display the map service in your web browser without a base map (roads, place names, major features etc...) underneath.

Links to just a few websites using our map services:

Viewing Software Examples:

Links for web developers: